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YALI Network Summit 2019: Press Release

YALI Network Summit 2019: Press Release


Friday 21st June 2019.


Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press.

All protocols duly observed.

Today’s occasion marks another cycle of the YALI Network Summit which was previously known as the Accountability and Transparency Summit (ATS). This year’s summit will be taking it a notch higher on the foundation from the community impact from previous years in all respective communities where YALI Hubs already exist.

As we may recall, Africa is the youngest continent with over 200 million people aged between 15-24 in 2015, accounting for 19 percent of the global youth population (UNECA ,2015). By 2030, it is projected that the number of youths in Africa will have increased by 42 per cent. Despite this number, investment in the socio-economic empowerment and participation of young people in decision-making processes on the continent is limited. The majority of African youth continue to face a myriad of challenges not limited to unemployment, lack of skills, quality and relevant education and quality health care. Thus, a greater proportion of youth do not have the opportunity to fully develop their potential and contribute effectively to the development agenda on the continent. In Nigeria here alone the rate of unemployment has risen and there is also the issue of hostilities and abuses which has increased the rate of behavioral and social problems.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network) is an initiative of the US Government, our members comprise students, Civil Society Organizations, Civil servants (youths) and entrepreneurs, who devote their time and resources to create impacts in their local communities across the 36 states of the country.

On that note, this year’s YALI Network Summit will not only unpack the key issues facing youth in the 21st century in a developing economy’s like Nigeria, but also the strategies that can be adopted to address these issues.

This year’s summit tagged, PARADIGM SHIFT: YOUTH INCLUSION IN GOVERNMENT POLICIES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, is designed to catalyse the abilities of young African leaders to take up initiatives that will reinforce and ease the role of government in creatively providing the needs of youths and ensuring accountability at all levels. We recognise that for citizens to enjoy the dividends of democracy, Government, Institutions and Individuals must #IncludeYouthsToo. This will serve as a resolution focused advocacy project encouraging inclusive governance, development and public private partnership in helping youths to tackle these challenges.

On this premise, the YALI Network would be hosting its 2 days Summit in Abuja from the 24th – 25th June,2019. The YALI Network Summit 2019 will elevate the youth debate, by catalysing the abilities of Young African Leaders, participating from across different States in Nigeria where YALI hubs are instituted, to identify these challenges and proffer initiatives that will strengthen the role of government in resourcefully providing the needs of the youths and guaranteeing development in sectors.



The main goal of the summit is to proffer solutions to the government from identified issues in the economy. The summit aims at targeting the younger population and challenging them to carry out advocacies on pending governance concerns which should be aimed at providing solutions for problems faced by youths

YALI Nigeria will sustain her relevance within the governance space across the nation and its members will reproduce knowledge learned during the summit on different projects and activities across their communities that would yield sustainable results and would be supported by government at different levels.


  1. To empower Nigerian youth with the right skill set, knowledge and attitudes relevant for development communication and advocacy.
  2. Discuss youth policies from a multi-stakeholder view. Identify progress made in each field of action, challenges and their peculiarities at regional level.
  3. Proffer suggestions to existing national youth policies that can help with personal and social development of young people and help them find their place in the labour market and society.

Conclusively, the YALI Network wish to re-establish its commitment in the building of committed leaders and accountable leaders who will in turn create developmental strides in their home communities through its activities. We are also open to partnership with aspiring NGOs and CSOs that work in line with the YALI vision as laid down by the Embassy

Thank you

Nnaemeka Ezeani.

Coordinator, YALI Abuja

For: YALI Nigeria

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