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YALI Network Summit 2019: Call for Applications

YALI Network Summit 2019: Call for Applications

Cultural diversity, human capital and disposition of time are some of the key factors in play as youth inclusion in governance continue to take the centre focus of discuss within the context of building a strong resilient and self-sustaining Nation.  As a pertinent issue worthy of note, socio-economic challenges presented by the world’s evolution is constantly changing; this insinuates that channels for driving solution to mitigate the effect of these challenges need to be diverse and in line with present times. Hence, the Young African Leaders Initiative Network, Nigeria set up an annual forum to host young leaders to deliberate on the future of Nigeria tagged: YALI Network Summit.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network Summit is an inclusive governance advocacy project led by YALI Network, Abuja hub. The event is aimed at catalyzing the abilities of Young African Leaders participating from across different States in Nigeria where YALI hubs are instituted to identify the challenges within different sectors of the government in their States and proffer solutions which will be adopted and led by them. Their initiatives will strengthen the role of government in resourcefully providing the needs of the youth and guaranteeing development in sectors through fostered partnerships and professional synergies.

The summit is a follow on to the 2018 edition themed: Accountability and Transparency Summit (ATS), which hosted over 700 young leaders in different levels of discussions and symposium on service delivery and accountability of government; and the #NaijaVotes campaign (, a pre-election voter sensitization and community engagement project which influenced the increased awareness and participation of eligible voters across the country in the electoral process.


The objectives are:

  1. To empower Nigerian youth with the right skill set, knowledge and attitudes relevant for development communication and advocacy.
  2. Discuss youth policies from a multi-stakeholder view. Identify progress made in each field of action, challenges and their peculiarities at regional level.
  3. Proffer suggestions to existing national youth policies that can help with personal and social development of young people and help them find their place in the labour market and society.

Applicants can apply under any of the following categories viz:

1. CATEGORY ONE: Fully Sponsored Delegates. Delegates would be selected for full sponsorship from the states where structured YALI Hub exists through a fair application selection process.

Benefits include: Access to the conference and all materials; Feeding; Road Transportation Reimbursement; Accommodation; Networking with Industry experts; Training; Certificate of participation. All other costs will be at the participant’s expense.


The review board will access the best entry per state/hub and select the best entry to be sponsored for the summit.

2. CATEGORY TWO: Participants.

Benefits include: Access to the conference as participants; Networking access; Certificate of participation (sent via email for those who attend the full summit); Light Refreshments.



APPLICATION: 27th April 2019 – 12th May 2019

DATE: 24 – 25 June 2019

You can connect to the hubs through YALI Nigeria Hubs


  • I should be there by God’s grace.

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