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World Youth Skills Day 2019: A Delegate’s Thoughts

World Youth Skills Day 2019: A Delegate’s Thoughts

During the #YaliSummit2019, I addressed poverty as a major instigator of ethnoreligious conflict in the North-East Nigeria, not only particular to Taraba State but Nigeria as a whole. One of the ways out is investing in Skills development.

Today One-third of the world’s 1.8 billion young people are currently not in employment, education or training. Realistically, the major solution to tackling the staggering poverty rate in Nigeria and Africa, as a whole, lies in human capacity development.

The case for education and improving literacy outcomes go beyond #formaleducation to facilitating learning, acquisition of vocational skills and skills that will harness the enormous benefits of our agricultural resources. It is paramount that the skilled population percentage increases. Skill is the lifeline out of poverty. Both individuals, Private and Public sector enterprises even the Government has their concerns.

The concerns for unskilled, unemployed individuals are their inability to qualify for high paying jobs and knowledge gap to contribute to the latest #global innovative #trends or inability to compete amidst high unemployment rates and the abundance of low productivity Jobs. For Private and Public sector enterprises they struggle on the slow pace of organizational productivity and growth due to a lack of top skilled talent, high cost of maintaining highly skilled talent due to the dearth of them in the country, rigorous process of recruitment etc. The Government struggle with the menace of high rates of unemployment and its impact on poverty rates, inflation rates, economic growth and human development.

The only way we can compete at the global stage is if we concertedly develop specialized and technical skills at professional levels through aggressive #skill acquisition, orientation, and advocacy drives for increased transparent budgetary allocations to the education sector.

Acquiring entrepreneurship, business and tech skills empower individuals to make progress in their career paths. This is where @do_takeaction plays a major role.

@do_takeaction is running a 10-year Skill-Up-Climb Up human capacity development project, primarily targeted at addressing the challenges of skills deficit, poverty, unemployment rates and unpreparedness of both African businesses and the teeming population of young people for the future of work and globalization.

The 10-year Skill-Up-Climb Up human capacity development project is designed to impact 50,000 young people. To carry out an effective Skill Up Phase, this would involve the training of youths on various tracks ranging from digital, vocational, employability skills, agro-preneuship skills, entrepreneurship skills etc. preparing them for the future of works.

Taking a step further, the project is also designed to provide network opportunities to support the career growth and viability of skill acquisition beneficiaries and equip them to climb up and contribute at global levels. Human resource is the key to developing Africa’s potential and driving out poverty and we must determinedly harness the far-reaching possibilities in order to end poverty and ensure sustainable economic development.


NB: Precious Ebere was the Taraba Delegate at the YALI Network Summit 2019.

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