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Practical Ways To Be Hired At Your Dream Job

I ran a quick search on Google on Available Jobs in the world and I got 9,600,000,000 results, the next question you would be tempted to ask is “why are people still unemployed?” Well you will find out!

During a Mentorship session where I taught a pool of young women on TIPS FOR A GOOD RESUME/CV, I identified some challenges Job Seekers, Recommenders, and Recruiting organization face.

For the Job seekers, they face lengthy and confusing application processes, limited experience/network, and lastly getting noticed by their potential recruiters. Recommenders on the other hand are scared to recommend incompetent persons, because their reputation is at stake, Some would go as far as asking you to send your CV after much pressure from you and dump them in their mail box only few slightly the 8% might recommend you but be ready to face whatever comes out.

While Recruiters are faced with the challenge of sifting through many applications of jobseekers that do not possess the required qualification or experience for every job they advertise.

There is a huge disconnect between been a graduate of so and so school and the quality of candidates’ recruiters are searching for.

This is not to say that all the graduates who leave school are half baked. Rather, what this means is that the work environment is constantly changing, of which many jobseekers are not tapping into the “Change Trend”.

I remembered recommending some persons to an organization who reached out to me that they were in need of a Social Media Manager. Out of my 5 recommendation, non was selected, you may want to ask why? Post for another day.

The job market is more competitive than ever, that is why I will always recommend Skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship as life savers but I understand everybody has a pathway and a driving force.

What is the way out?

The first step of overcoming this problem is to become an expert in your chosen line of work. Make sure you are the best at what you do; always seek of ways to improve your skill. Some persons will tell you they can do anything, unknown to them they are indirectly telling you they can’t do anything. No company would want to hire anyone that can do anything; you must find a specific skill and keep improving until you are built to perfection, then you become irresistible. What’s your current skill?

Secondly, be your own Salesman, Be your own Noise maker, and be your own trumpet blower. Sell yourself whenever you have the opportunity or better still create an opportunity to sell yourself. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in any industry, if you want to be known as someone who is talented and hardworking keeping selling.

Lastly, instead of looking for a Paid Job, Negotiate for an Internship plan with the organization of your choice for a professional career path. That is called Penetration Strategy. Learning to serve leads you to the earning you deserve. What the internship does is that it gives you that on-the-field experience that your employer need.

I would encourage job seekers to be more receptive to free or paid internships with organizations that can help you grow your skill-base and experience. No serious employer will overlook a dedicated and spirited intern and hire a fresh applicant who knows apparently nothing about the organization’s practice or culture. Because these guys don’t compromise the place of hiring qualified hands.

Take home point.
List out 6 organization that has always been on your mind and apply for an Internship Position. Mind You I did it and IT WORKED FOR ME; it was part of my building blocks to where I am today, and I am still Building.


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