Ahead of every election, there is need to educate the electorate on their civic responsibilities, especially considering that Nigeria’s elections have been historically tense. The quality of Nigeria’s 2019 elections will have repercussions on the future of democracy across the continent. This depends on us, the youth. Participating in elections is the foundation of the broader role citizens must play to keep a democracy strong and healthy. This project is geared towards educating Nigerians (focusing mainly on the young people) on pre- and post-election activities using the YALI Course Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility which educates on the role citizens can play in the electoral process from the voting process, to grassroots organizing, to capacity building and citizen advocacy.

YALI is non-partisan, non-tribal, non-religious and non-political non-profit group.


Every election involves stakeholders that include the political parties and their candidates, judiciary arm, legislative arm, traditional and social media, security agencies, Independent National/State Electoral Commissions but most important are the electorate with whom these elections won’t hold and there would be no democracy. For the survival of our democracy, civic understanding and responsibility is very important. To do this effectively, we factored disadvantaged/marginalized groups, multiple languages, the millennials (as these elections will be their first), and women. This campaign starts before the elections and will continue throughout the elections


How is it different from other current or earlier projects?

It is important to note that vote buying isn’t unique to Nigeria. And within Nigeria, it isn’t limited to any tribe or region. However, it is arguably more prevalent in rural areas. Hence the uniqueness of our campaign is in extending its scope to rural areas, markets and IDP camps.


I. Boost voter participation,

II: Promote voting with integrity.

III: Encourage truth and accuracy in information sharing.

IV: Inspire communities to reject violence.


Target audience:

I: Youths (Age 18-40): To educate them on elections and their rights, the pre and post-election activities, registration and collection of their Permanent Voters Card (PVC), and how to influence others positively in executing their voting right.

II: General Public (No age limit): To educate them on the pre and post-election activities to prepare for the next election (4 years to come) alongside what they can do to participate by teaching and influencing those who are eligible to vote. With this we are securing the future

Media and Advocacy

Hiking with tha outdoor tribe: on 15th December 2018, one of Abuja’s foremost fitness group organized a hike at Dutse hills that involved over 300 youths who pledged their commitment to a better Nigeria. Some members of the tribe also gave motivational speeches on the positivity of Nigeria and the need for youths to exercise their civic rights.

Market/community tours and medical outreach

Medical outreach: In partnership with #FriendsOfKutara, a medical outreach was held at the Internally Displaced Camp (IDP camp) at Kutara, Nasarawa State on 15th December 2018. 93 people received medical consultation and 180 kids received gift packs. But most importantly, they were eager to add their voice to the campaign. Excel Olayemi-Oludairo wrote of her experience. The pictures can be found here.

The most important stakeholders in every election are the electorate. A great place to interact with them is at the market. YALI Abuja took her campaign to the Dutse market. And community as we factored in that language barrier was a major factor in the exclusion of those living in rural areas. Stephanie Briggs talks of her experience. Pictures can be viewed here.

You can read more about the Market Tours

Conferences/Stakeholder Meetings

The Osasu Symposium: A forum where key stakeholders from the public, private and development sectors converge to discuss salient issues regarding nation building and sustainable development particularly as it pertains to the welfare and livelihood of Nigeria’s citizens. In partnership with the Osasu Foundation, the 2018 edition themed: Nigeria Rising! Its time: Establishing Social accountability between the Electorate and Leaders held on the 22nd November 2018 and brought presidential, gubernatorial and senatorial candidates to share their plans for the country in 2019.


1. The Osasu Foundation.

2. Do Take Action, who campaigned on #VotersSpeak

3. Young Stars Foundation, who campaigned on #VoteNotFight.

4. Tha Outdoor Tribe.

5. Friends of Kutara.

6. Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD).


1. Media and publicity: Olusegun Dosunmu

2. M & E: James Gilbert

3. Liaison/Partnership: Isaiah Amonye

4. Strategy & Planning: Precious Ebere

5. Content: Stephen Abanobi

6. Branding & Design: Aisha Bubah

7. Logistics, Welfare and Security: Onyekachi Anumata; Innocent Okafor

8. Mobilization & Entertainment: Olusegun Famodimu