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Mandela Day 2020 at Alpha and Omega Orphanage Foundation

Mandela Day 2020 at Alpha and Omega Orphanage Foundation

To commemorate July 18th 2020 Nelson Mandela Day, YALI Abuja took a positive community intervention action geared towards the educational and general well-being of over 100 orphans under the care of Alpha and Omega Orphanage Foundation.

Nelson Mandela’s life inspired us to “Take Action and Inspire Change“.

Project Objectives:

The Education impact and Health outreach project of YALI Abuja was geared towards addressing the education, shelter, food and health development of over 100 orphans and vulnerable children of Alpha & Omega Orphanage Foundation in Aso Pada, Mararaba –Nasarawa State by achieving the following:

a. Renovated the two (2) blocks of six (6) classrooms of the Orphanage.

b. Fixed two (2) dysfunctional toilet facilities.

c. Carried out extensive medical check up for the children

d. Donated relief materials such as clothes, food items, school sandals and bags.

The project provided an opportunity for the orphans and vulnerable children (above 100) in accessing education in a conducive learning environment.

Appreciation to Partners:

We specially and sincerely appreciate the contribution and efforts of the following partners:

JCI Abuja Unity, Do(, Mandela Mile Leadership Fellowship, Elite West Africa Nigeria Network, ServeLead, TITI OJO Foundation, FARM Chique, SGIL Solar Lights & Energy Limited, Larclux, Soroptimist Int’l, Charity & Humanitarian Fund, Skills Africa, and CAL-Initiative Board of Trustees for their timely support.

Our Health Partners: SAM Employment, LeaderJoe 1808 Foundation, Celade Community Health Initiative and MarieCare Initiative.

Press Crew: We appreciate the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), most especially the General Manager, Hajiyah Fatima Abbas Hassan and other media houses who joined us to amplify our voices for the less privileged ones. Thank you for partnering in this noble cause.

We appreciate all YALI Abuja Members for their support in cash and material donations. We also thank well-meaning Nigerians that have supported this project with cash and other resources.

May the lord replenish you all abundantly and meet you at the point of your needs.

For us, social change is continuous.

Precious Ebere,
Program Officer,

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